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by ian north , Milk 'n' Cookies, Ian's Radio, Neo, Darkjet

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released February 1, 1977



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ian north , Milk 'n' Cookies, Ian's Radio, Neo, Darkjet New York, New York

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Track Name: Uniform
i dress up just to feel good some people view me with scorn..is it me that they hate..or the uniform..i wear the best clothes I can think of something to get the girls on..so is it me that they love..or the uniform..clothes make the man..i am what i am..some of the guys got a group..and everyone's t-shirt is torn..everyone's so amazed.. by the uniform..i saw a thousand kids at the gigs..looking weird was the norm..nobody understands..it's a uniform
Track Name: Ian's Radio - Bandstand
i'm wishing and hoping for a chance to dance on that show..every day i practice to the radio..at the discos at night i'm so out of sight as i boogie down..and the steps that i take all look so great that i can't figure out ..why the bandstand..they won't let me dance on the bandstand..come and give me a chance man..come on come on come on..i can dance...i'm sitting in the kitchen i'm watching some girl on the tube..and i'm so jealous at the way she can move..as the cameras take shots of all that she's got..i hurt inside..as her feet hit the floor my heart says no more cos i'm starting to cry..so i dreamed that i was on the show..i rated records and gave them zeros cos..they got a good beat you can dance to
Track Name: Girls In Gangs
don't want to talk about the city and it's lights..i'd rather tell you something of suburban life..to tell you what it's like..pretty girls about fourteen ..wearing makeup and very dirty jeans..does it happen in Queens..spike heel shoes...school jacket on their backs..the neighborhood boys are afraid on the streets cos you never can tell the kind of girl you'll meet..she could have sharp teeth..i sit at home and cower in my room..but you never know..sister could be one too..has it happened to you
Track Name: Our Only Night
it's our only night..i was standing in the darkness when i saw your lights..you were staring closely at me..and you looked so nice..wistful glances start romances..so i think i'm doing alright..don't let go..oh baby hold me tight..don't let go..oh baby cos tonight's our only night..come on sit down come and tell me what you're really like..so you tell me you collect boys..well i'm not that type..are we ending before we've started..oh i think it's only one night..night..this night can't last..day..day's coming fast..fall..so we pant and groan..give me one last kiss before you go home
Track Name: Rivets
I like a tough girl who treats me like you do..you don't wear makeup..you're so tough through and through...and i Ilke the way you know who you are...you're just so so..you even kick my car..rivets hold on..rivets hold on cos the way that you feel...just like steel...makes me want to say...you don't want love..cos love can break your heart..you don't need it ..you've got transister parts...but late at night those iron eyes softly melt and then you start to cry...
Track Name: Model's World
i see your face..it's on the cover..it's the latest issue of vogue..i see your legs they're in an ad ..you're selling pantyhose..you're on the billboard.. you're on the t.v. .there's just no escape...you're smiling at me but not for me...you're selling toothpaste...you pretty thing..you cover girl..you're living in a models world..i's feeling lonely i's feeling fragile was i looking for you..i don't know but i was told by madison avenue..
Track Name: Break It Up
we're brought up in the good life..fed from silver spoons..over educated and alienated..fed up with your rules..we're not so rich.. spoiled brat kids..expelled from private school..we break it up..and break down break it up and break down..is that what you want...your daddy says he loves you.. he'll buy you a new car..if you learn and join the firm and get on with your job..but you're bored with it..like to quit...you got a new jaguar..we break it up and break down..i don't care for the working class..i don't identify..government doles and welfare roles don't fit in with my life..a communist or socialist..theres no need to apply